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Pole training motivation delivered to your door, every month.

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What's included?

Each box features a different 'Pole Idol'! We collaborate with each pole idol to decide the contents of the box based on their pole style.

You'll receive:

✔️A welcome video and exclusive tutorial with the featured pole idol
✔️Nutritious snack chosen by the featured pole idol
✔️Autographed A3 size poster
✔️Training/recovery item
✔️Motivational item
✔️Mystery pole idol item!
✔️Discount vouchers
✔️Monthly challenge
✔️QR codes to watch pole idol performances of the month
✔️Access to our facebook group for training inspo and connection

Why Polescription box?

It can be hard to stay motivated to train. Polescription sends you the tools every month to keep you on track, inspired and training to reach your full potential.

Who doesn't love a little self treat? Give yourself something to look forward to and keep yourself motivated to train for the entire month!

Join a group of like-minded people wanting to stay on track and see the best training results possible in 2022. Our online community not only allows you to interact with the monthly challenges but win prizes too!

When do I subscribe?

Subscribe BEFORE the 15th to receive the box to be shipped by the 20th. Shipments go out by the 20th and then billing continues each month on the 5th.
Billing is automatic.
(eg. If you sign up Feb 20th you would have missed the cut off date for Feb so you will be signing up for the March box which closes March 15th, you would then not be charged again until April 5th)

Subscribe- 12 Months Subscribe- 6 Months Subscribe (month to month)

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