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About Us

Hi everyone!

I’m Kristy Sellars, the very proud founder of Enviro Grip and The Enviro Co.

Goodbye single use plastic and fast fashion, hello biodegradable and sustainable style.

Our Story:

Enviro Grip is a product that my partner (Sam) and I worked on for almost a year before releasing. We put a lot of thought not only into our unique formula, but the tube itself and the brand as a whole. Being a studio owner, I saw hundreds and hundreds of single use grip tubes and bottles discarded every year. So we wanted to create something that was not only a great grip product, but a grip that didn’t contribute to this already enormous problem of single use waste.

It certainly wasn’t the easiest journey to embark on (creating a biodegradable tube rather than plastic), but I’m so glad that we stuck with it and now have a product that is truly revolutionary.

After the incredible response to our launch last year, I knew we were bringing people something they really wanted (great exercise products that are also environmentally friendly), so I started to brainstorm what else we could do… And The Enviro Co was born.

Sustainable style- The Enviro Co is all about sustainable activewear. Every piece is crafted from high quality recycled materials to ensure longevity. Each collection is inspired by natural landmarks and donates directly back to those landmarks with each sale. The swing tags are plantable, yes, plantable! 

Smoove- Smoove shorts are a world first! They combine period underwear technology with pole shorts to give polers the confidence to work out whilst on their period. 

More about our sustainability:

🍃Compostable mailers:
All of our mailers are fully compostable made by a Melbourne company called Better Packaging.

🍃Wood wool protection: Our grips are padded with wood wool for the journey. Wood wool is sourced from a sustainable timber mill in Adelaide Australia.

🍃Swing Tags: Our swing tags are handmade in Melbourne from recycled paper and embedded with Swan River Daisy seeds.

🍃Display units: Our display units are for keeps. Rather than sending a single use cardboard display with every single order our wholesalers make, we created a sustainably sourced timber display unit that is reusable with every future order as well.

🍃Shipping: Parcels within Australia are sent with the only carbon-neutral shipping company, Sendle. International parcels use AusPost, which is our next best option at the moment.

🍃Tissue paper, stickers, shipping labels and thank you cards: All recycleable.

🍃Donations: For every item we sell, 50 cents is donated to charities that support the conservation of our earth. (The Daintree Range donates exclusively to the Daintree Rainforest)

This is just the beginning! We are always looking for more ways to be the best we can be and will continue to innovate and bring you the highest quality, most sustainable options we can.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Enviro Grip and The Enviro Co already 💚

From Kristy

[Below: Enviro Grip @ Enviro Co founder Kristy Sellars. Runner Up America's Got Talent 2022 and Australia's Got Talent 2019 Winner.]

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